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Our practice areas include Immigration  Property  Employment Family  Criminal  Law

Surani Associates is Auckland based Solicitor & Barrister firm. We believe in the importance of communication and being accessible, and have a strong focus on innovation, performance, and excellence.

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Premier Property Conveyancing Services in Auckland

  • Purchasing or selling property
  • Lease guidance
  • Refinancing counsel
  • Loan and finance document assistance
  • Recommendations on ownership structures
  • Contracting out agreements
  • Relationship property agreement advice

Employer Accreditation

Surani Associates is a Law firm located in the heart of the city. Mr. Dilkhush Surani – Senior Solicitor is an immigration and employment law expert will process and guide you for your business as Accreditations Employer

Businesses in New Zealand need to get accredited for a variety of reasons. Accreditation is a formal recognition that a business meets certain standards of quality, safety, and compliance. It demonstrates to customers and stakeholders that a business is committed to upholding these standards and providing the best possible service or product.

Accreditation can also provide a competitive advantage, as it sets a business apart from others in the industry. It can lead to increased trust and credibility among customers, as well as enhanced reputation and recognition.

In addition, accreditation may be required by certain organizations or regulatory bodies, such as government agencies or industry associations. Compliance with these requirements is necessary to maintain business operations and avoid penalties or legal issues.

Overall, getting accredited is a valuable investment for businesses in New Zealand. It can help them improve their operations, enhance their reputation, and demonstrate their commitment to quality and compliance.

It is of utmost importance that your accreditation is done correctly and revised by a professional as any breaches to the new rules and any breaches to the employment standards can lead to fines up till $25,000 and above and 24 months stand down period for the business from the time the penalty is imposed.

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The firm are dealing with complicated immigration matters to lodge an appeal to the immigration Tribunal or a Judicial Review in the High Court, waiver applications for character and medical issues, and appeal to the immigration Advisers complaints & Disciplinary Tribunal for the complaint against the Immigration Advisers.

The firm truly understands the concerns of many migrants and aim to bridge that gap. The team can exceed cultural and language barriers to provide quality legal advice to our clients on personal bases. We believe that the wellbeing of our people is critical to the success of our firm and are proud to provide an excellent working environment and support network to all of our team to ensure they are happy and healthy at work.


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ESSI Module

To further support your business needs and to comply with your accreditation application, we have created an online module that your employees must complete.

Employer Accreditation

If you are a business employer looking to hire international migrant workers, then Surani Associates can assist you with the Business/Employer Accreditation process.

SMC - Now Open

Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas are now open under the current settings. Please get in touch today to start your application.

Changes to the partner work visas

Changes to partners of temporary work visa holders is part of the wider immigration Rebalance, which is aimed at supporting a higher-productivity, higher-wage economy.

These changes mean that most partners of temporary migrant workers who hold an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) and Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV) will have visa conditions which state they must work for an Accredited Employer in any role and be paid at least median wage (or the applicable threshold if the role is covered by a sector agreement).

AEWV holders who are earning twice the median wage or in a Green List role will still be able to sponsor their partners for open work rights.

Partners who do not wish to work can apply to come to New Zealand on Visitor Visas. These changes will be in effect from 31 May 2023.

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